Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot

Mike and I ran the second race of our midwest tour this morning, the Springfield Turkey Trot 5K. We had so much fun! Like the LHF race, there was a huge showing, a record breaking 6000 runners. Marge and her sister Linda braved the early morning chill to cheer us on and watch Selah. After the 1 or 2am bedtime last night, getting out of the house before 7:00 was pretty impressive.

Grandma and Selah playing in the truck before the race.

Mike finished in 17:22, beating his goal of sub-18:00 by a nice margin. He was 25th overall out of 2475 men and 2nd in his age group. The local high school and college cross country seasons just ended, so there was plenty of competition in the younger age groups. The winning male ran it in 15:18.

I PR'ed with 21:16!

My old 5K PR was from my junior year of high school (11 years ago), a pitiful 22:40 for 3 miles. 5K is actually 3.1 miles and that 0.1 would add about 35 seconds, making a total of about 23:15. I really have hardly done any 5K's since then, maybe a half dozen or so in the past year while pregnant or early postpartum. I was REALLY happy with my 21:16 finish today, a PR by about 2 minutes! It was good for 17th woman of 2954 and 3rd in my age group. The winning woman ran 18:30.

More on Thanksgiving to follow!

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Hey Joy! Congratulations on your PR! That is so exciting!! It's great to see you, Mike, and Selah getting out so much for adventures, regardless of the weather. :) A great reminder that it CAN be done!