Sunday, November 1, 2009

We now have an I-Phone

And that means that we always have a camera at the ready. Here are photos from Mike's new phone, enjoy (that means you, grandmas!).

Yesterday, the three of us did a little climbing, a Costco run, and a hike until dark. Selah found her new favorite past time...

...digging in and eating mud. She was scooping it in by the handful and all I could do was watch and laugh for a while. She got pretty pissed when we made her stop.

What, mom, geez? What's the problem?

S and I walking to the crag.

Our hike.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.

Apparently she didn't want those peas.

Selah has learned how to sit in a high chair and feed herself bits of food. This is very convenient when most of your meals are spent in a cafeteria surrounded by coworkers and high school students, ie she can't crawl around on the floor and play while we eat. This entertains her well and we get to eat hands free.

It snowed 8 inches or so here last Wednesday and was still cold and gloomy on Thursday. We layered up and took the girl out for a run anyway. She was so cozy bundled up in down jackets in the Chariot--she slept the entire run.

My ninja outfit--even my shoes were black.

Layer 1: diaper and socks, Layer 2: onesie and pants, Layer 3: hat and hoodie, Layer 4: Patagonia bunting, Layer 5: Patagonia synthetic suit...and surrounded by multiple down jackets.

Thankfully they plow all of the local bike paths very quickly. They are SO NICE for pushing the jogger.

The two of us warmed up in a hot bath when we got home.

It looked a little different out today:

Mike and I are running the Las Vegas marathon December 6th. This is a self-portrait on an 18-miler today. It was GORGEOUS and I felt incredible, like I could have turned around and done it again. I love days like that. I have started eating "green smoothies" for breakfast-- basically fruit smoothies with a salad's worth of spinach thrown in. I drank one this morning and took the leftovers on the run in a waterbottle. The smoothies don't taste like spinach and the day starts off right with fresh fruits and veggies (who wants to eat spinach salad for breakfast, ech). As I ran, I kept thinking that it was cool to be fueled by spinach and blueberries.

Here's a link to another video of Selah eating, if you're interested.


Reese said...

Joy, you are one hot ninja! Love to see what you all are up to - thanks for the pictures and the frequent updating.

aubyn said...

Hurray for an IPhone! We all win when we get to see more photos!

lanerdoo said...

I get such a kick out of your photos. Thank you for updating so regularly and sharing so many photos. They are my favorite part of all blogs. Your little Selah is beautiful and precious.

Mapp said...

I like your the idea of a final layer of down jackets in the chariot... Will try it with our little Malo next weekend.
Great stories!