Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I snapped this little gem with my phone while playing in bed with Selah today. It's always a challenge to get cute phone pictures anymore because she LOVES my phone so much, all I can get are shots of her hands trying to grab it from me.


meg said...

I have saved my old phone for her. Tess loves Ray's old phone. Treasures!

Addie said...

She is SO beautiful. I have got to figure out how to get my hands on her for smooches! Course, she's probably old enough to be averse to strangers, especially ones who persist in kissing on her.

I'll have to bring candy.

meg said...

Marge- I've just got to get my daily fix at our grand darling and can't seem to tire of her sweet face. I know you understand. i miss my smooches.