Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last night:
10:00 to bed
10:30 Selah hungry, feed her, back to bed
11:00 call from student, go to dorm to check on him
11:45 back to blissful bed
1:15 Selah hungry, feed her, back to bed
4:30 Selah hungry, feed her, back to bed
6:00 Selah up for the day, Mike up with her
6:45 me up for the day

Not to bitch, but after doing this for the past 6 1/2 months, I'm a little sleepy.


Lindsey K said...

Hey, I had an idea for your healthy habits group. Have you ever looked at It is free and what I use it for is food journaling. They have a good search engine so you don't have to fill out much of the info, all you really need to know is your portion size. Take a look. I know that keeping a food journal has helped me so much just to learn what is in what I eat. But make sure they track everything including stuff like butter on toast or ketchup just so they get a good picture of what is fueling their body. Ok thats all!

Joy Joy said...

Thanks, Linds! That is a great idea and I will pass it along.

Addie said...

Oh, sad. What have you tried as far as training her to sleep through the night? That's an awful lot of feedings for an almost-seven-month old, and I bet you could get her into the all-nighters pretty quickly!

Olga said...

Loved the quote below. Kept waiting for the author mentioned - wow, you. I am a big fan of wise quotes. May steal this one for my notebook:)