Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back to Prepregnancy weight!

After gaining over 40 pounds during my pregnancy, I am officially back to my prepregnancy weight this week. I exercised my entire pregnancy--ran about 4 miles most days to 38 weeks and skinned and skied to 38 weeks. Everyone told me the weight would slide right off because of the exercise, and they were mostly right. Except for those pesky last 5 pounds! I am in marathon training right now and no amount of running was getting those pounds to budge. Finally, just over a week ago, I got serious and made some changes. The weight fell off in one week! Some of it was probably retained water from eating carbs. Here's what I did...

1. Traded my normal bagel, cream cheese, and jam breakfast for a green smoothie:

1 banana
handful of berries
handful mixed frozen fruit from Costco
1 cup full fat yogurt
small scoop of orange juice concentrate
enough water to blend smooth (1-2 cups)
a few handfuls of spinach

it makes just over a liter

2. Avoided any refined carbs. I have a candy jar on my desk for my students and I have a tendency to dig in a little myself. I moved the jar so I can't reach it and now keep it nearly empty instead of full. I also have a guilty pleasure of a bowl (or two) of sugar cereal at night. I refused to buy more cereal and when Mike did, I made him hide it from me. I don't really eat bread (aside from the breakfast bagel), crackers, chips or other refined carbs very often, so I was really just cutting out the extras.

I feel great! I have been running faster and can feel a big difference with just 5 pounds. My training pace is down to sub 8:30 min/mile while pushing Selah in the stroller. My goal is to qualify for Boston at the Vegas marathon, which means 8:25 pace, or a 3:40 marathon. It is going to be a big challenge for me.


aubyn nutting said...

Great Ideas! I put apples out by our candy dish at the office, so I can tell myself: Real Apples not Starbursts.
Im also drinking less soda. Im trying to quit it completely but Im not there yet...

lanerdoo said...

Good work girl! I am still hanging on to about 15 pounds and I am NOT good at running. I'm impressed by you...

Joy Joy said...

Aubyn-way to go with the apples. Real food! Always better! Have you tried Izzies to satisfy your sweet carbonated drink cravings? They are made of 100% juice.

Lane-I know you got a jogger, just get out there and use it! You can do it! It will only hurt for a little while, then it will feel so good, I promise. said...

Hey Joy! Congrats on pushing through the final 5! You are such an inspiration, and I'm definitely saving that recipe for once my baby's born. And well done on the running! I plan on running the Vancouver half marathon next May as a motivation to get me out as soon as I can post-delivery. Seriously, you are the only person I know who's had a baby and still super active (and we've never even met!). Your family gives Joe and I hope that fun in the outdoors can continue with a baby! :)