Saturday, November 14, 2009

We woke up to this today:

Beautiful, I know, but I was starting to get used to the Indian Summer that was upon us. I haven't yet had to stop running in shorts (aside from a brief cold spell) and am not ready to self-motivate and get out in the cold. I was able to do Red Hill (alone!) on Thursday after work, one of my fave local trails. I left at 4:30 and forgot that it now get's DARK at 5:15. It's a steep, rocky trail and I topped out at 5:07. One could say it was a mistake, but that just wouldn't be true. It really was a blast skipping through the rocks back home in the dark.

I came home after work to this sweet scene yesterday. Selah has a habit of stroking Mike's hand or my chest while she eats. Those sweet and perfectly soft little fingers make me melt.

We went on a little family hike/run on a new trail near our house. Now that Selah is so big and strong, we can actually run with her in the Ergo, at least uphill and not too fast.

Our friends Nancy and Derek had us over for dinner last night. The kiddos played while we drank wine and celebrated my first night off call in 8 weeks.

Derek and Zach. Z and Selah are 6 weeks apart.

Mike decided to run a 5K this morning in Glenwood. You can see the weather and how every other person is dressed...looks like crazy Mike forgot to bring his clothes! He's the one in the orange shorts and black t-shirt.

S and I snuggled and stayed warm.

One of Mike's XC kids pulled ahead of Mike in the last mile for the win. Ryan is nearly a foot shorter and wore pink polka-dotted socks--just sayin'.

M, Ryan, S, and a couple of the XC girls.


meg said...

Way to train up those kiddos Mike!

Mike Schneiter said...

Yes, I guess I trained them too well for my own good.

aubyn said...

On Call for 8 weeks is insane! Yuck!

Reese said...

Thanks for updating so frequently! Love it.

SKS said...

Love the updates and the pictures! I can't wait to see you guys in person in a few weeks.

Lindsey K said...

Joy, I have had the bluberry spinach smoothie every morning this week and I love it! Just had to let you know and say thanks :)