Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Running and Race Schedule

This past weekend was the lottery drawing for entry into the Wasatch 100 mile trail run. There were 272 spots for 383 applicants and I, unfortunately, was not a lucky entrant. That does mean that I am freed from the burden of having to decide which Hundy to do this year, as I had it narrowed down to 2 choices. Tahoe Rim Trail is the winner!

Now I just have to confront my self doubt and believe that I can actually finish the race. I know success is dependent upon my state of mind and that will be my biggest challenge by far as I work toward this goal. Right now, I consider myself pretty out of shape and I have a lot of work ahead. My IT band was inflamed for nearly a month after the Vegas marathon, so I had to take it easy. Workout options in this small town are somewhat limited in the middle of winter: the nearest pool is 30 minutes away (with a full time job and an infant, I don't think so...), biking on the ice is not ideal, I'm too cheap to buy a membership to the one gym in town, and I would rather rub salt in my eyes than ride the bike trainer inside. So, I stuck to running much less than normal, maybe 10-20 miles/week. The last few weeks have been better and I'm now up to my regular 40 miles/week, but it doesn't feel very easy and I haven't done a run longer than 9 miles since the marathon. Alas, it is really okay and I'll be in shape by the time the first race rolls around.

Here is the official race schedule for the year (subject to change, of course):

April 17th, Desert RATS 25 mile: I've done this race 3 times in the past, '06, '07, '08 (I watched with 3 week old Selah in the Bjorn in '09). My goal is break my PR of 4:38.

May 1st, Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 50 mile: This was my first ultra ever in 2007. My goal is to break my 50 mile PR, 10:31.

June 26th, Seattle 1/2 marathon. Mike is doing the full marathon and I get to push Selah in the Chariot. I consider this a just for fun race. Hopefully, we'll be able to hook up with our friends Joe and Heidi while we're up north.

July 17th, the big one! Tahoe Rim Trail 100 mile. Goal? finish without dying :)

October 17th, Denver Rock n Roll Marathon.

December 5th, Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon. I did the 1/2 at 22 weeks pregnant in 2008 and this was my first "official" marathon in 2009. My goal is to break my marathon PR of 3:30.

It's going to be a big year!


Anonymous said...

Awesome schedule Joy! I am planning on doing the Seattle RNR also, hoping to do the full.

joseph.david.white@gmail.com said...

Can't wait for us all to hook up!! yay!

Olga said...

Hope to meet you at Tahoe!

lacy rain said...

Hey Joy!

Let me know if you still think you'll need me to pace you. I am doing a 50 miler the end of July, so that would be great inspiration and fun to see you too of course.

Also, That is so great you guys are coming to Seattle in June. I'm up in Bellingham but would love to connect regardless! I am excited for all the goals you have and am encouraged by your tenacity.

Lindsey K said...

yay Joy!! The mental victory is so sweet, I look forward to all the post race smiles and photos!