Sunday, December 7, 2008

I did it! Las Vegas Half Marathon at 5 1/2 months pregnant

Mike and I drove to Vegas yesterday for him to run the LV Marathon and for me to waddle in the half marathon. Here's a little count from the day:

Weeks pregnant: 22

Miles run in today's race: 13.1

Miles walked: 0

Liters of water ingested while running: about 2 1/2

GUs eaten: 3

Number of other pregnant ladies seen: 0

Total number of runners: 20,000

Number of half marathoners: 9,833

Largest number of runners in any race I have run before today: about 300

Minutes of fireworks at the starting line: about 5

Starting time: 6:07am

Approximate temperature at the start: 50 degrees and cloudy

Potty stops I took along the course: 6

Estimated time spent peeing and waiting for a port-a-pottie: 12 minutes

Potty stops available: Probably 20!

Total number of people dressed as Elvis: about 300

Number of cars allowed on the Strip during the race: 0

Total race time: 2:27:32

Minutes per mile pace: 11:15

Overall place: 4,347 (top half, just barely!)

Place in Women: 2150/5175

Number of Marathoners that beat me, a half-marathoner: 1 (We finished within seconds of each other--it was very cool to see an elite runner finish!)

Number of runs longer than 4 miles I plan on doing in the next 4 months:0

Mike's race time: 3:04:52

Mike's mile pace: 7:03

Mike's place in the marathon: 63rd! (top 0.6%!!)

Fun day! Now we're off to eat some grub!


Addie said...

Very well done! Proud to know you.

Lindsey K said...

that better go in the baby book!!

Sari Anderson said...

Congrats! That's awesome! Great job Mike! Now RELAX for me please.

KatieGirlBlue said...

Wow! Joy, I'm super impressed! 11 minute miles - even while waddling....You're the toughest.