Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Schneiter Family Iowa Christmas

Mike and I have been in Iowa for the past few days for Christmas with his family. It has been a very nice relaxing time. The Schneiters love to cook, play games, and just hang out together, so we fit right in (and we sneak away for a run every day). Here are some pictures from our time together.

Mike's mom, Margie, making something delicious.

Marge and Steve holding up their new quilt, compliments of Marge's sister, Linda.

Mike and I (I'm about 25 weeks pregnant now).

Mike happily reading on the couch.

Excited for homemade pizza!

Mike's aunt, uncles, and parents playing cards.

Cousins and aunts, more cards. They are really into Pinochle and have taught me to play over the past couple years. We stay up waay too late playing every night!

Mike's younger brother, Brett, and his girlfriend Jaime.

Siblings Tom, Patty, Marge, and Linda showing their homemade quilts. I am keeping my fingers crossed for one--they are gorgeous!

Most of the cousins, from L to R: Rachel Duncan, Justin (Jessie's bf), Jessie Kreuger, Brett, Jaime, Mike, me, Abby (Jessie's older sister), and Andy (Abby's husband).


Addie said...

Those are lovely quilts. Also, Joy, your boobs are huge.

Looks like fun! I hope you are running the street during the DAY, not at NIGHT. Both for your sake and the drivers who are having to dodge you. But good for you for running, at least!

Love you!

Joy Joy said...

They ARE huge, aren't they?! (It's only fair!) Yes, we are running during the DAY and the snow is melting, so we don't even have to be in the middle of the road anymore.

Anonymous said...

Holidays with the family are the best!
I agree with Addie!