Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun Day

Mike and I hung out together all day today. After a relaxing morning, we went backcountry skiing for a couple hours on William's Peak, chopped a load of firewood, watched two high school basketball games, and came home to cook yummy enchiladas. Now we are sitting in front of the fire--he's reading, I'm knitting and blogging. What a pleasant day.

Here are some photos of the latest.

Smiling Joy on top of Willie's for baby's first time skiing. The wind was blowing at least 40mph, but we were warm from the hike up. Thank God for windbreakers!

The prego belly at 23 weeks. My belly button is almost flat.

Side view.

I've been knitting lots--here is my first completed project for our babe. It is a sleep sack with a drawstring in the bottom. I imagine using it frequently in our chilly house and while camping. A friend of ours saw me knitting it and asked for one. He's 6'2". I said no.

Close up of the casing and drawstring.

Hats for Reese's boys. They outgrew their originals.


Addie said...

SO CUTE. And wise call on the "no knit sleep sacks for people taller than two feet." I think that's a rule you should embroider (or knit) onto a pillow.

aubyn said...

Joy your knits are always cute and well made! Your babe will be so cute in them :)

Hannah said...

You should try to knit a Swaddle blanket thing. It's got velcro on it so you can wrap up the babes nice and tight and they can't wiggle their little arms free. Noah would wiggle his arms free then whack himself in the head and wake himself up. We still double swaddle him at 3 months (prob not neccessary) and he usually breaks through our handy work. Or make a sleep sack with no arms, a "sleep worm."

Joy Joy said...

Maybe I'll just sew the arms shut. S/He'll think there are sleeves to be used, then HAH, no go.

Reese said...

Love the hats! Can't wait for the boys to sport them. Your condo-improvement looks great...really hoping I get to visit in May so I can see it in person!

Anonymous said...

You are just the CUUUUTEST preggie i ever saw.

lanerdoo said...

My husband wants a sleep sack...he is only 6 feet. Will the two inches make it do-able? He reeeeeally wants one. Your babe is gonna be one well dressed child, and oh so cute. I wish I had your talent!