Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Running in Iowa

Everyone knows that it gets cold in the mountains. I live in Colorado at about 6000 feet and frequently ski and play above 10,000. But, Colorado cold cannot compare to the Montana cold I grew up with. That kind of cold made the snow squeak and your boogers freeze on each inhalation. Iowa cold, however, surpasses them all. We were supposed to fly in a couple of days ago (missed our flight, long pathetic story for another time) and the windchill was simply "hazardous", not 0, not -30 or even -45, just "hazardous". Luckily it has warmed up to the balmy teens for our trip, with a windchill around 5. Learning how to exercise in this weather is an adventure in itself. We did manage it today, but have been foiled in the past. A couple of years ago, it was impossible. No matter how many layers one dons, it is extremely difficult to cover those triangle spots of skin on the sides of the face--the ones between the goggles and the neck gaiter. And, it just looks funny to run with your hands covering your face to protect it from the wind (I remember having this conversation with Hannah after her first trip to Iowa). In any case, we WERE able to get out today, thankfully. We were the people Addie made fun of in her post today--the ones running down the middle of the road, sidewalks covered in snow, and piles of more snow narrowing the already slippery streets. Sorry, Ad, we were desperate for exercise after spending yesterday in airports, on planes, and waiting in many lines. We needed the air, even if it was REALLY COLD.

Posing pre-run.

I wore a tank, 2 heavy long underwear tops, and my big hoody, fleece tights, fleece socks, windproof gloves and hat.

Now we are relaxing in the lovely (and warm) Schneiter home, getting ready for Christmas and just enjoying each other.

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Addie said...

OK, I wouldn't hit YOU.

But just because you're pregnant.

I'm doing my workout video tomorrow, followed by "Dance, Dance Revolution." I'm marrying a gamer... what am getting myself into? :)