Sunday, October 4, 2009

There's something missing...

Mike, Selah, and I went for a hike last week up Avalanche Creek, on the southern flank of Mount Sopris. The colors are changing right now--the oranges, reds, yellows of the aspens were breathtaking.

Little one finally fits in the Ergo piggyback--so comfy!!

And here we are yesterday after my half marathon. What is missing????

About 12 inches...

I ran it in 1:48:16, which is a PR (personal record) by almost 50 minutes. Considering my only other half was last year's Vegas at 5 1/2 months prego, I guess a 50 minute improvement isn't that impressive. I was happy with my time, which was 8:15/mile pace, even though El schooled me with her 1:38. I have never been great at the road races, but it was nice to just tune out and not to have to think about every step and every rock! El and I both thought of this as the first step towards next summer's hundy. I call it "hundy" because the words "one hundred miler" look way too scary.

There was also a 5K option yesterday, which Mike and Selah won! They were in the paper and you can read the article here. Mike has an official stroller PR of 19:12 for the 5K now.


Thanks for all the great ideas regarding the new healthy weight loss group with my students. We had our second meeting tonight and they did the following:

  • Calculated current and goal weights and BMI's (charts will start next week per their request)
  • Formed accountability partners for exercise. They agreed to partner up and exercise together 4 mornings this week. I had them write down the time and place that they would meet. Their exercise instructions were to run 1 minute, walk 1 minute for 30 minutes. I also encouraged them to just get out and walk if they had unexpected free time.
  • Agreed to use the salad plates as dinner plates. The plates are smaller, which will help control portion size.
  • Agreed to drink a large glass of water with every meal.
  • Agreed to have 1/2 of lunch and dinner plates consist of veggies.
  • Agreed to keep food journals for 3 of the next 7 days, including 1 weekend day.
They all though this sounded doable and they're still motivated and excited. I'm excited too! I really hope this works to develop healthy habits without obsession or eating disorders. Thankfully, none of these girls have disordered eating behaviors. Keep the ideas coming if you have more!


Olga said...

Way to go on a PR! 50 min is huge, preggie or not was the first one, don't underestimate yourself! Congratulation to Mike as well. And yes, as soon as I scrolled the pictures, I was like - who is that, and where is hair? :)

Lauren said...

Congrats on the race to you and Mike And Selah! Sounds like fun and I'm jealous of the shorts - it's been snowing here. :)

Love the new hair! I've been tempted to cut mine lately - was having a grabby kiddo part of your motivation? Looks great!

I ran the Bolder Boulder once when we lived there and it was a really fun race! One idea to throw out there for your girls is themed runs. Maybe do headbands - everyone wears a headband from the 80's one day, the 90's the next, etc... Other dress up options would be fun too.

PS - running v. cycling...

Reason #1 why cycling is more fun than running: running hurts

Reason #2: you can go fast. :)

(Thus, I have LOTS of respect for you runners, I'm just not cut out for more than jogging.)

Reese said...

Hooray for all you Schneiters! I, too, am jealous of the shorts...we've had snow, snow, snow all week. Blah. So proud of you and all your many gifts and talents.

StefWomack said...

Hey I want to see a picture of your hair without a hat on! Do you like it?

Carrie said...

Love the new hair! Did you donate your locks? You could make at least 3 wigs out of your hair. Congrats on the PR. You guys never cease to amaze me! Selah is really cute these days. I get to see all the photos you send your mother. That last one is adorable. Hope you are well and ready for snow!