Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in the saddle

Mike and I took Selah for her first bike ride in the Chariot yesterday. I was concerned that she would get a little jerked around (she didn't) and that it would be uncomfortable for me (it wasn't). We rode to Carbondale and back, about 20 miles, and enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather. It was nice for me to get back on the bike after a long hiatus.

Cozy little bug in her Chariot. She loves it!

Oh, and Mike has decided to start Selah on solids. Her first try was pizza. Yummers.


Hannah said...

Holy hell your riding a bike! I can't really fathom it really, I's just just...she can't eat pizza yet...your on a bike?
Wink Wink:)

Addie said...

I'm with Hannah. Kind of verbatim. YOU might not be uncomfy, but my lady bits cringed with the... memory... or something... of a long convalescence.

But then again, I am not a rock star. Just a wienie.

meg said...

Kegel must be your mantra there girl! And, nice to see you're back Ad!