Saturday, April 4, 2009

Selah's First Outdoor Adventure

With snowflakes falling, Selah got her first taste of the outdoors today. We went out for a little 4 to 5 block hike down to a trail by the river. It felt great to get some fresh air. She was "snug as a bug in a rug" wrapped up in her fleece blanket, head covered with a hat, snuggle in the baby carrier and inside my jacket.


Sari Anderson said...

Nice job you two! Joy, I'm psyched you're feeling so well. We'll have to take the girls out for a walk on Monday.
Selah is gorgeous. Get some rest.
Love you all,
Sari, Ian & Juniper

Anonymous said...

Mike and Joy- this is one of your mom's friends. Mike you might remember me, lived near your folks growing up, Dianna Boots Rucker. Anyway I've been talking to your mom and dad about you guys. It is so much fun to see the love between you two and the new baby love you have created! Congratulations
Dianna Rucker

Judy TH said...

I love looking at your pictures. She is adorable. What a head of hair!! - it looks red??

Love her loads. Judy