Friday, April 17, 2009


First, I must apologize. In the past, I always kinda laughed at the people that posted a million pictures of their baby. Really, like any of the rest of us can see the minute change in expression from one to the next?! Obviously, I have become one of those people. Mike and I have posted far too many pictures of our little girl, so just scroll through if you get bored. The Grandmas keep asking for more.

The last two weeks have been the best, hardest, most emotional, and any other superlative you might think of, weeks of my life. Mike's and my transition into parenthood was eased by a very peaceful baby and the help of my parents. Mom and Dad showed up last Wednesday and stayed for a week. We were very sad to see them go, and the state of chaos my home has already descended into is a clear display of the help they provided! They cooked, cleaned, changed diapers, held their grand baby, and were just excellent company. We anticipate seeing them more often than in the past! They both wept as they left the house, surprising themselves in the attachment and love they felt for their new grand daughter.

Mike was able to take a week off of school to hang with the family. Sadly, he had to return to work this week and has since been learning how to juggle work, finishing his master's degree, being a brand new daddy, taking care of me, and trying to squeeze in a little personal time. He definitely has it harder than I do right now! Earlier this week, he had to go out onto the deck (it was lightly snowing and chilly!), close the door, and isolate himself just to get a little work done. Selah, my parents, and I were too distracting.

I have been healing up nicely after the birth. I started running a couple of days ago and plan on heading out for run #3 today. I did 4 1/2 miles for my first run, walked about 1 mile of it, and ran almost my entire 5 mile run yesterday. Running is definitely hard right now, but I feel great when I am done. I am officially out of shape (at least out of "shape" that I am used to) for the second time in my life. My first was when I broke my leg 10 years ago and I remember having the same thoughts then as I do now, "so THIS is why people have such a hard time getting in shape!". GETTING in shape is WAY more difficult than STAYING in shape. It hurts! My lungs burn! My legs burn! But I know it will be SO worth it and after a couple of weeks it won't hurt anymore. Selah seems to really enjoy the Chariot rides too. By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained over 40 pounds in spite of exercising daily and lots of nausea. It appears that most of it was water, as I have lost 28 lbs in 2 weeks. I would like to lose another 12 before the summer so I don't feel so heavy running and can wear my non maternity pants. I am excited to get my old body back.

Here are some photos from the time with my folks:

Wes and Stef were able to come for a day as well. Stef wasn't too sure about holding Selah, but Wes was into it! They both enjoyed meeting the little one. Stef crocheted an adorable little sweater/dress for Selah that should fit in 3 months or so.

Mama and puff head.

Her already puffy hair gets extra puffy after a bath.

So cozy.

Selah with Grandma.

Mom, Dad, and I took Selah down to the river near our house.

Elinor holding Selah while I hold Reed, aka the Rocket. They are only 4 days apart, but the Rocket is WAY bigger than Selah. He outweighed her in this photo by 2 pounds!

These daddies never knew they could feel such love and be so proud. Rob and Mike cheer the babes.

Mike's aunt Linda made us 2 gorgeous quilts. This one is Selah's and it was so beautiful, I had to hang it on the wall. Maybe some day I will take it down to use, but not before Selah stops having poop explosions.

She also made this one for me and Mike! We are so spoiled by our families!


naomi said...

I for one love the updates, keep 'em comin'! I love her puff head, so cute! You're doing good mama!

Reese said...

Your little babe is perhaps the most precious, most scrumptious, most delightful little lady I ever did see!
I have no doubt that your parents eased naturally into their Grammie and Papa roles. I, too, enjoy the updates and the many pictures. Love and hugs.

aubyn nutting said...

I can't believe you are already running! way to go :) I love how Selah is tiny in her little Baby Bjorn, you almost can't see her head!

meg said...

Love the pics, of course! Never too many for us. Loved sharing the week with you guys. Smooches.

lanerdoo said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics. The tiny nuances in her expression are more than obvious to me, keep 'em coming mama. Your family is beautiful!

P.s. I can't believe you are running already, good for you.

Hannah said...

You used to laugh at all my baby's photos?! Ha ha, just wait, it's gets worse! Thats why these blogs are so wonderful, so the people that love you can oogle and love on your family from afar. They must be full of pics, even the mundane days because it keeps us all close no matter the miles. Sleah has so much hair, what a precious little baby! The nursing will help drop the pounds too, I'm afraid of stopping now...

Lindsey K said...

I have to echo everyone else and say keep the pictures. Little Selah is a sweetheart! I can only imagine the joy your parents are feeling! What a lucky little girl too to have your great families. We are planning to head to Moab end of May and I wondered if you had any suggestions for bike rides, camp sites, climbing routes etc.?? Think basic level :)