Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Pics

Grandma Schneiter says, "More pictures, please!" so I will happily oblige.

A big yawn while clipping her long nails.
A couple days ago Selah and I went for a little walk down to the river.
The beautiful and peaceful Roaring Fork River is just a couple blocks from our house and it's a favorite spot for us to go walking and running. On this day Selah and I were surrounded by a flock of 12-15 blue birds. They were vibrant and amazing. Joy and I daily see a great mix of wildlife here, including elk, deer, muskrat, marmot, ducks, geese, bear and other animals.
Another naked baby picture. Selah loves getting her daily sun.
The first of many times that this child will be sleeping/laying on a bouldering pad (it's a pad used to cushion your fall when you're climbing on small rocks called boulders).Daddy closely spotting as Selah climbs the steep arete.
First car seat ride.
Enjoying the sun and content as usual.

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