Monday, March 16, 2009

No baby yet

My sweet mama arrived a few days ago to help me get everything in order for the babe's arrival. Initially, we had it planned so that she would get here sufficiently early to get things together without actually being here for the delivery. But, now that babe seems to be in a hurry, she might get to see the birth after all. She plans to leave Friday morning, so we'll just have to see! It has been awesome having her here. I am on Spring Break right now (for the next 2 weeks) so am not working. She is cooking and cleaning for me, hiking with me every day, and generally just keeping it together like she does so well. Here are some photos of our nursery. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING was given to us either as hand-me-downs or as gifts. We love it, it's perfectly haphazard for a Schneiter.

A bookshelf full of amazing books and a very cute rocking chair from my aunt Patty.

The bassinet from when my brother was born, changing table, etc. Mike put up the toy in the middle of the room "just to play with it" tonight.

My glider and new curtains mom and I made today.


lanerdoo said...

Very nice! I'm here to tell you that hand-me-downs are the bomb! Maddox would be naked and or we would be reeeeally poor without them.

I love hand-me-downs :)

How precious that your babe gets to sleep in the same bed that his uncle grew up in. Hopefully babe won't get ornery by osmosis....

Morgan said...

I love your nursery! It's beautiful! I'm hoping for a lot of hand-me-downs in the next few months before our baby arrives. You have done well!

Anonymous said...

ah, I love the bassinet - we had the exact same one and Lauren and Marcus both slept in it for their first 3 months or so - until they became too proficient at rolling over. We're praying for you Joy. Give your Mom a hug from me.

Judy TH

Reese said...

Getting any sleep, lady? Hope so. We're anxious to meet Baby Schneiter at Addie's wedding ;) Love you all.