Monday, April 6, 2009

New Day

The family had to get outside for some fresh air today, so we took Selah to the bike path and Mike did a little bouldering. It was a gorgeous day.

Selah did some climbing herself! What a stud baby!

Smitten Mike.

I'm a little sore and tired, but I definitely don't feel like I had a baby 3 days ago. Selah is a great sleeper, so we are getting decent sleep and things just feel pretty easy thus far. (we are keeping our fingers crossed!)

Ian, Sari, and Juniper brought us Zheng takeout for dinner (our fave!). Juniper was enthralled with the baby, as was Ian. He was reminiscing on when Juniper was that tiny.

A little snippet of our sweet girl.


meg said...

We're thinking that you two have taken to this new road in your life.
How many of those adorabel outfits has Selah gotten to wear?

aubyn said...

3 days old and a Selah is abetter climber than I am!
For a second I thought Zheng was another friends name, and I thought you have the most diverse friends! ha ha

Joy Joy said...

We have a lot of outfits to go through and we're burning through them as fast as we can go. Everything is too big for her but they're still perfect! Now that we know it's a girl our friends have been bringing over (buying/sharing) their pink girl clothes so we can dress her like a proper little angel. - Mike

Reese said...

Selah is clearly a Schneiter...great hair, cute, happy, and a lover-of-the-outdoors. She fits right in with the two of you!

I really can't wait to come visit Glenwood and see Selah and the bluebirds. I'll be 6 months pregnant by then...please don't make me go climbing ;)

Addie said...

I'm itching to hug on all of you. She's so lovely - thank you for all the posting!

Also, Selah has cute biscuits.

lanerdoo said...

I can't wait to smooch her sweet little head and then sneeze cause it's tickled my nose.

What a precious little angel. You done good Schneiters!